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RC Caramel Blush Wing is now completely Sold Out.


For those who have Pre Orderered over the last 24 Hours - your orders will be processed over the next 3 days.


We are now offering PRE ORDER NO2


If you Pre Order from today and have PRE ORDER NO2  on your confirmation - your order will be processed once our shades arrive into Studio.


We are expecting our 2nd Shipment of sunglasses to arrive into Bondi Early to Mid June.


Please check your emails for updates as we send them out.


Thank you so much for your interest in our shades and for your patience.


It means the world to us.


Alex and the rhodin. team. xxxx




  • RC Caramel Blush Wing is a play on our OG wing frame.
  • The caramel of the frame and the tinted lens - super chic.
  • Rhodin branded on the inside arm in gold.
  • These sunglasses provide a medium to high level of sun glare reduction.
  • UV 400 Lens Comes in our Cream Vegan Leather Case with Soft Cloth Frame
  • Width along Top Edge: 15.5 cm
  • Frame Width along Bottom: 11 cm
  • Lens Height: 5 cm
  • Lens Width at Top is: 5.5cm
  • Lens Width at Bottom is 3cm
  • Rhodin Gift Box is not included. A
  • vailable to purchase for $8.50

RC Caramel Blush Wing- PRE ORDER NO2

Sales Tax Included